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lighting problem


I am trying to illuminate type from behind. What I want it to be black type on a black background. To be more precise, the effect I want to achieve is the same you get during an eclipse. The main shape of the moon (in this case my type) moves between sun and camera, what should hapen now is that I get a small glow like white outline around the shape of my type. Unfortunately my plan doesn't work.
I have a spotlight behind the type and light fog switched on. I also tried doing something with optical FX but it just does not look very realistic.
find attached my setup and one of my crapy renders. It is the maya software renderer with raytrace. Shadows are switched to raytrace as well. What I find really odd is the fact that even though the light sits behind the tyoe the shadow is cast behind it as well...
anyway as you can see I have no idea despite trying lots of stuff
any help would be so great


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