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daffas: I'm using AvantBrowser as the frontend (which makes use of the IE engine), so that shouldn't pose a problem.

Matt: yes, it has been a while...almost a year, I guess. In the meantime, a lot of things have happened, like me going back to my big, dirty old home town (which is Berlin, and I'm still looking for a proper flat!). I also started doing more music again, transcribing all my old stuff and my guitar arrangements. And with some very minor exceptions, I didn't push a single pixel in all that time. I did not even have the time nor the space to set up my own machine again, so there's nothing to do anyway...

Be that as it may, from the user control panel, I can't edit my uploads. Has to be done using the 'Edit' button in the download section. Just that it doesn't do anything at all. It doesn't even bother to meditate over it, it just ignores it...

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