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I'm looking for a tutorial

Dear SM user added image

hi~ I am beginner to maya and also beginner to SM.
where can i search a tutorials or Video Training?

i know i can see there is Video 'Training' and 'search' right up there BUT I couldn't find what i wanted..

i'm looking for a 'Human Face Tutorial' a good one.
VT or written both will be alright.

I have been working with text book tutorials only~ I believe there are so many good tutorial out there, so on I hope anyone can introduce me any tutorial that is good by your professional point of view. if a tutorial is easy to follow and popuarly wellknown also quite a work of art (also called 'highly recommended') I would like to see them.

I am interested in human related work.
(eyes, mouth, face, body, skin, hair) etc
any link or tutorial will be good for me.

hope to see replies
thank you.

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