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Originally posted by spakooggie
yeah it has deffinitely got a BMW 6 series about the rear 3/4 view but its alot better then it because you don't have the stupid parrot face which the 6 series has got lol.and at least u ave stayed clear of the stupid inset sides which the 3 series and 5 series have got it makes the wheels look to small its just wrong.

i think its a very nice design with the brutal and "sexyness" contrasting, very nice.

a lil bit of a crit the A pillar may need some attention looking a bit to thin for the angle i think but other then it is coming along very nicely indeed.

MattTheMan-I hope you mean the new 7 series which has been spied cuz that really is a nice car got it right this time i think lol.
i kinda like the bmw designs but ah well everyone has thier own preferences. yea ill get on the a pillar its still a concept so many things might change at the end. and also thanx for your kind words.
ve been tweeking some liitle things on the car and this is what i have its not much of an update and the colour on the car is just for fun cause i was bored.

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