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Good idea for a thread mtmckinley

Q How do i make a chome like material?

A Make an environment for it to reflect or use hdri maps

Q How do i get/put on shelf the X-Ray toggle icon

open up your script editor in maya.
go to Edit > Clear All. then paste the following to the bottom section of the script editor (Its called Input work area)

// Toggle Xray

string $visPanel[]=`getPanel -vis`;
int $mode;
if (size($visPanel)>0)
for ($panel in $visPanel)
if (`match "^modelPanel" $panel`=="modelPanel")
$mode=`modelEditor -q -xray $panel`;
if ($mode>0)
modelEditor -e -xray 0 $panel;
modelEditor -e -xray 1 $panel;
print ("\nxray="+$mode+".");
} else
print ("\nNo model panels to modify.");

after pasting it. highlight the whole code (ctrl + A) then go to File > Save Selected to Shelf, give a name to it. then it'll add the mel script onto the shelf that is active.
Q My keybard short cuts ie. Q,W,E,G ect dont work

A make sure cap lock is off
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