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I've been going through the tutorials "Instant Maya" that come with Maya because I'm new to modeling but am still having trouble applying it to the roof. My first attempt was creating a poly plane and angling it at 30 degrees or so, then duplicating it for the other half of the roof but I wasn't sure how to join the polys (I'm still learning this). The other was creating one poly plane and trying to figure out how to "bend" it down the center to create each half of the roof. I thought selecting the edges in the center of the plane would do it but It gives me a waterfall effect when I try to manipulate it - where one side drops vertically down like a waterfall rather than like a hinge where I can angle it, if that makes sense. Any idea which would be the better direction to go? 2 planes or manipulate the one?

What about curving the ends of the plane upward? Here's a different image: I thought selecting the corner vertices might do it but again it's not happening. Is it about the same amount of difficulty doing this with a poly plane as a nurbs plane? Maybe it would be better to draw the curved roof in 2D and extrude. I'm just wondering what would be the best, less cluttered way since I have an innate tendency to make things way more difficult than they usually have to be.

Any advice would be great.