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Maya8 duplicate prob (Dog tut)

Howdies from a complete Maya newbie. Friend of mine who works with modelling left me a laptop with Maya8 while he's on vacation (for 6months user added image) Caught my interest, and thus i stumbled across SimplyMaya tutorials.

Currently on Kurts Cartoon Dog Tutorial, and I've encountered a slight problem. So far I've modelled the individual objects, and is now trying to "mirror" the legs and ears. Problem is, it seems Kurt is using a different version of Maya, so I dont get the same options for Duplicate. Sort of figured i have to use Duplicate Special, but that leaves me at another problem.

The legs/ears gets properly duplicated across the Z axis, but they are not "mirrored", only copied and moved as-is. I've tried adding some rotation, but obviously that turns out wrong, since they cant be rotated to fit the other side of the body, but has to be "mirrored" (?).

user added image

Any help would be greatly appreciated user added image

PS Have tried Mirror Geometry, but my "selection is invalid". Could also use Maya7PLE but I'd rather figure how it's done in Maya8 while i still got access to one.