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Old game char redesign - Tesse (lowpoly)

Hi guys

There a really looong time I didn't post on SM. But These days I met some good guys from here at CGTalk, and they asked to me, "hey why don't you post at SM anymore?" Then I figured out I shouldn't have stopped user added image

This is a lowpoly model I'm doing. It's for a challenge in a Brazilian CG forum, We have to make a redesign of a character of an old game. I chose a character called Tesse, from the arcade fighting game "Waku Waku 7".

Follow some images of the project.

The original character.

user added image

My concepts about her. The first one is older. I'm showing just because of the colors. But now I'm following the second one.

user added image

user added image

Her mesh. It's about 6.8 k triangles.

user added image

Thanks Arran and THX1138 for the encouragement. user added image

Low poly model - Tesse