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2 shots Souther Comfort, followed by a tumbler of Jack daniels on the rocks, Chased with a 36 oz long island iced tea, made to my specs ( 6 oz Jack daniels, 6 oz Bacardi 6 oz, Yeighermeighster..or how ever the hell its spelled, 6 oz Southern Comfort 3 oz coke, and 3 oz of what ever the bar has left to toss in that goes well), AFter that another fifth of Soco..i love the stuff, and to finish it off, PRobably Some Buttery take a gues as to which kind i mean ;D
By the by, were i in a country where its legal, i'd take some ABsinth too, just to see if its the rage i hear it is..
and this crap David told me about i cant rmember what its called, but aparently it kicks like crude oil and tastes like black liqorisch
hey you said money was no option!

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