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UV texture placement doesn't stick?


This site is quite extensive, I did look through it, but I must admit I might have overlooked this part, if I posted this double, hereby my apologies in advance.

I work at a smalltime studio in The Netherlands, and we are currently in the process of migrating from Lightwave to Maya. So I am basically reschooling myself. I must admit I do like the Maya interface so far, but I do have a problem I can't seem to lay my hands on:

When I make an UV texture, it seems to go fine, until I start to animate it. When I move it, there is no problem, but when I rotate, something weird happens:

user added image

In Lightwave the UV textures were parented to the object by default, but in Maya it seems to be parented to 'World', and in the Outliner it doesn't seem to work out, all the parts are parented to the object?

Any ideas?

All the best, and keep up the splendid work,