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Open Community CG Project opens it's doors

I have the pleasure of announcing a new CG project to which is open to all who are interested.

I have had a script in mind for a long while now, set in WWII it follows a spy in the Third Reich who is desperately trying to get a message back to the Allies. It's a simple enough script with a neat little punchline and a decent mix of action and intrigue, however the script is also open to adjustment, as is any element of the whole production. The plan is to create an animation between 3-8 minutes long, however this isn't going to be a traditional approach to animation production.

The plan is simple, invite as many CG artists to take part in the project as possible - your contributions could range from a single prop or texture to as much work as you feel like producing. I'll be bringing in musicians as well to produce an original score and the plan is to create a video which is of a sufficient quality to be entered into animation festivals, competitions and act as a part of any budding CG artists' CV.

So there it is, an open project which promises to be fun for those involved and worthwhile for anyone looking to add work to their portfolio. If it proves to be a success we'll be moving onto the next script which the community dreams up.