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Video on a plane problem

Hi everybody
Can anyone tell me why I can't seem to add a video to a poly plane?
After I segmented my video into a sequence of images, I tryed to assign it to a poly plane (with the " use image sequence" box checked in the atribute editor). Even when I slide the timeline I can only see the first frame of the video, even when I render it. It doesent render good also but I'll deal with that later.
When I took the different aproach that I found on this forum... (In the view window...View/Image Plane/ Import image) it works fine, fine but only with the sequence of images not the video .avi file, but thats ok, I have the video segmented.
Anyway my question is:
Whats the difference between theese two planes (the one that I created and the one that Maya creates (with View/Image Plane/ Import image)?
I have to use my plane 'cause its animated. Can I even animate the plane that Maya creates, it doesn't allow use of the tools. Its set as a background and I can only move it with the coordinates in the atribute editor and bring it to front or scale it, but I need a lil' bit more than that :-)