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yes but not my preferable course of action.., i have to.., thats the way the wind is blowing.., time is money and destructive recording is out of date because of the money, time and the ability to mix and match takes.., jigsaw style.., do three guitar solos and pick the best pieces and put them together.

also at uni i have to use ProTools and FCP to do the post sound for the student movies.

i would be as happy.., happier to sit under a tree with my acoustic guitar.., preferably by the waves to give some rhythm and orchestration to my playing.

Ive been sitting here all morning..,, into the afternoon doing a song for a musical, 5 house later (a 2 min song) and Im barely past first base as i its not recorded with the correct instruments yet (MIDI).., i dont know why people say computers save time.., i really dont think its any faster than when we used TEACs.

take it easy and life will be easy