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@jrwho; i will vary the size shape and colors of the trees, thanks
@Legolas_hv; I know you didn't mean that..hence the big LOL in the end:p
@gster123; they are paint fx converted to poly's and that's actually a great idea you had about using the instancer for creating the tree's so i will definitely give it a go
@arran;You're right about the amount of buildings and the trees.About the tipi, it isn't the new york you know anymore, it's also just a cone with a ramptexture slapped on it so if i decide to put a tipi there i will make it more realistic.
@jay; and i think i will follow up on your advice too. i hate laying out uv's so i will look on the internet for some matte painting tutorials-workflows(I'm not van Gogh so i need all the help i can get on painting LOL)

Thanks guys i really appreciate the input and/or complements, they are appreciateduser added image