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Originally posted by farbtopf
Hi there,

I don't have leopard... yet but if it proves itself I might get it in a while. One thing, (and in that respect I'm probably not the mac user by definition) is it possible to turn all that reflection and transparency crap off? I like my desktop simple and clean and no matter what they say that it's faster etc, all these effects must suck on memory performance etc somehow.
I've had a quick look at it in the apple store, and couldn't find the "restore old look button"
Apart from that, time machine sounds great, but I've read that there'S the first virus for it already, that doesn't sound too promising.

thanks for sharing your info by the way... user added image

I think there's a script somewhere to turn the reflections on the dock off, but when I saw my apps on it, I didn't care to look into turning it off. user added image

Do you mean this virus?