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Selecting objects by name?

Hey Yall,
I have a simple question, and I'm hoping it has a simple answer. Is there a way to select multiple objects that have the same name, or even better, a similar name with minor variation. For example, say I am making a scene with a bunch of cars. I want to select the tires. The problem is that they are all grouped to their respective cars and I dont want to have to waste time digging into each group to find the tires. The good thing is that I know I named them all "Tire_01." So is there a way to just type in "Tire_01" and have it select all the objects with that name? Even better for me would be if I could type in "tire" and it would select all the objects with "tire" in the name. For example, "Tire_01", "Tire_LFT", "RT_Tire", etc.

So is there a way to do this? I know I can use the filter thing in the outliner but it still makes me drill down through the groups to find the filtered objects. And I still need to actually select the things too. I would like to just be able to type in for selection. If I thought ahead I would have set up some selection sets, but alas I did not.

Thanks in advance! (sorry if this is unclear as I am tired and been trying to solve major issues in Maya for way too long today, let me know if I can make this clearer in any way)