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Originally posted by twisteddragon33
Looking Pretty good. and Nice car too. Can i ask where you got the Blues for the '09?
I got them from They have a huge area filled with blueprints. You can find them under chevrolet.

Originally posted by twisteddragon33
And there's really not enough to go on so far but how much do plan on modeling? Interior? Engine? Brake Calipers? so on. [/b]
I was initially going to just model the Exterior, but i might do the interior as well, but i won't be going crazy and modeling the engine, or anything like that.

Anyhow, thanks for the comment

Ive started modeling the car, filling in the blanks of the curves, and roughing out a base mesh. When i get that done i will Probably convert to Sub-Ds and give it a wing just to preview, and i might also try modeling it from scratch in poly's and use bevels to add my edges, instead of creases.

More updates coming soon.

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