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Thanks for the Comments Guy's!!!


I've mostly done work on the front end. The front Bumper and all it's components are near completion, and are in all poly's. The rest of the Car is in Sub-Ds at the Moment, awaiting conversion. So there no where near finished.

I know that the Fog light Holes are missing, in the front Bumper. There going to be inserted at a later point in time, as to avoid, compromising my creases.

The head lights, have been modeled (in near full) though I'm still deciding weather to model the full Light interior, or to cheat, and use a flat plane, and texturing it. I will make this decision when it come to the Rendering part of the project. I will see which one gives me the best results, and go with that!

Anyway, enough ranting.... heres some Pics:

Well, I know it looks like your looking at the same picture each time, but like I said all the main progress has taken place on the front end. The back has been converted to Sub-Ds, and creased but there hardly worth showing!

C&C always welcome

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