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Originally posted by marlonjohn
Wow nice!

Well, heres a bit of an UPDATE for those of you that are interested.

This forum is behind on the UPDATES, not that it's makes a difference.

Anyway, I've pretty much spent most my time cleaning up my mesh, and finalizing the front bumper, and the hood. Plus i rebuilt the lights from the Inside out. The front Fenders in the later pics are near completion. All i have left to do on the body is... well the rest of the body

I've been busy today, so I've not got any work done on it, but hopefully l might get some time later.

Anyway PICs:

Front shot, before Fenders and lights were completed. (all objects shaded red, are in Sub-Ds)

The LIGHT. I rebuilt the lights to better match the real deal:

BODY, with the front Fenders near completion, also some minor adjustments to the front bumper.

So, I've pretty much spent most my time cleaning up the mesh, and making sure things line up, as well Building and converting other Body Parts.

Like i said I've been busy today, so you can expect an update, some time this weekend.

C&C welcome!!!

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