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Argh, theres that horrible Gold again

Your modeling is looking very good so far. You have allot more experience than me, but i guess i can make the most of that.

I like the fact that you got your Fog light holes in early... though good luck getting the crease to run through them
I opted to model them in later, as to maintain they're integrity, and to also keep a realistic crease. I look forward to seeing how you go about solving this.

Anyway, like you were saying in my thread... the rear end is going to be a Royal pain in the a$$
I'm actually looking forward to trying to figure it out... i hate it when it's just a simple Procedure all the way through the model... is nice to be challenged... so when you do figure it out... your better off.

Anyway, really nice start. I look forward to seeing this progress.

I'm not going to be Updating for a couple of day, simple because i wont have anything to show. I have a really busy Weekend ahead of me :mg: But i should have something (hopefully) by Sunday or Monday.

Have fun

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