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younglion; many thanks.., the next will be better trust me.., it is important to BLOCK first.., as kurt says in all his tuts.., he says that for a reason i discovered today.., and it takes more than 'it is important to block things out first, i cant stress that enough' to understand it thanks again if i continued, serious topology problems and not a nice look.

twisteddragon33; hey yea, cartoon is fun.., what will be good is it will have a realistic render.., that will be interesting. how this one was designed was.., take a photo of a police car, fire engine, whatever.., take it into PS., mask, copy, paste, clone.., all the usual Matt tools and c exaggerate the proportions in PS.., take it into maya.., and BLOCK it out ( ) and think ahead.., how will i do this.., i out smated myself in this one.

thanks mate

Mayaniac; i dont speed (pun intended), yea the lines look good eh?? i agree but there is too much curvature in Z to extrude without problems in this situation. I found that as i was bailing out the water. and using the split poly tool.., err, disaster!!
no one is giving up mate, this is not a competition this is me trying to learn and do the best i can. it would take longer to do what you suggest than start again.., after all it is only extruding a cube. no problem

no need to be sorry to start again.., im happy to learn and do it properly.

many thanks.
take it easy and life will be easy
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