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Originally posted by Andy Gee
Just looking at the particle collision event thing.....but not sure how to use it.

No probuser added image
Find out more about how to use the Particle Collision Event Editor in the help by hitting F1 while in Maya and browsing to:

Using Maya
>Dynamics and Effects
-Particle Collisions

There are at least 4 tutorials in there along with the standard help text to help you get what you wantuser added image

....multiple emitters with different collision states for a single object ?

Yepuser added image
Automatically when you click "Create New Event" an incremental number value is assigned to the new event, and added to the events list on the right, per particleShape.

You can even assign global procedures/expressions to the events as well, all within the editor.

Good luck, and remember to read all the help regarding the Particle Collision Event Editor, as it helped me to double check my answers hereuser added image

Good luck!

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