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Default Arch Viz Reel

Well after a few ideas that turned out to be far too complex or time consuming or just flat out wrong, I have finally gathered some proper advice on what to do for an Arch Viz reel.

This WIP thread is going to be a proper one in my eyes, from conecpt images, schedules and scene images as things progress up until the final composition and Finished thread. Comments, crits and suggestions would be greatly appreciated and that is partly why I intend to give you guys as much info about how I am doing things as possible.

Back to the basics: we finally got an instructor that has some good knowledge and after speaking to him about my previous failures he advised that I do 3 scenes: an interior, an exterior, and a flythrough.
Now I could do the interior, and the exterior and then do a flythrough of them together however this was ill-advised as if I can do three separate scenes/themes I would be able to show more well rounded skills and artistic flair which is more appealing to employers obviously. So I've taken the idea, drawn out a rough estimated schedule seen here.

A big thing that was suggested is to build everything up proportionally. Especially for arch viz, as at say the half-way point I would have all three scenes atleast roughed out, with some texture and probably some light in them. This way you have progress to show at all levels and you won't find yourself saying "well I have this scene fully complete, but I didn't get around to the other two".

For each scene I have rough sketches and rough dimensions for each scene. I also have a massive amount of reference photos and material so I should be able to keep focused which is a good thing

Onto the goods.
Interior Scene - A Modern Kitchen

Exterior Scene - A Backyard Pool

The Flythrough - Condo Unit (Interior/Exterior)

Sorry for the pictures, as I had to capture them with my camera. I don't have a scanner at the moment.

As for progress shots, well I have started roughing out the interior and am going to keep working well through the next 2 and a bit months.
So here goes:
Interior rough in:
Interior rough wire:

Thanks for checkin it out, and there is more to come!

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