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One quick update before bed.
All the structure is done as far as I can tell unless I decide I really want the change something.
As such I have started to build some furniture which you will be able to see from the render, also some tweaks to the range hood and the cabinets have seen a few minor adjustments. I went through about 3 different chair design/builds before I came up with a stool that I liked and that fit what I envision to be the final look. So that is a plus, other than a late wakeup this morning and being mothersday and all I didn't accomplish much else. So back to work bright and early in the morning. There should be either a lot more modeling updates or some texture/light updates tomorrow. We'll see how things are going at school.

Anyways, the occlusion render as promised:

Goodnight and a happy mothers day to any on the forum who are moms.

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