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Ive seen alot of reviews on the film its about 50/50 and have seen it myself and I enjoyed thoroughly. Im going to see it again next weekend...

I think people draw themselves in way too deep when it comes to films of this kind.

theory wise - Alot of the theories are pretty much true when it comes to the Crystal Skulls and the Russians. they were pretty heavy into ESp and all that stuff back in the day of the USSR and theres a Crystal Skull at the Bristish museum here in London...there are alot of theories worldwide when it comes to the whole Mayan thing becasue they just disappeared off the map basically so these theories are all we have and thats all they are...theories, its up to us as individuals to decide in what we believe, like religion.

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg just put their own spin on stuff to make it interesting from their points of view too.

for me the movie was a ride like the rest of the Indy movies. With all the supernatural stuff going on just like the other ones. Its all over the top. Story telling wise, I think it was fine and it reminded me of Raiders, get the ark before the nazis and here it was get the skull before the russians with some fun stuff on the way

Explanation of Mac was there, he and Indy were mates thru WW2. He basically turned because he ws fed up with digging up little bits of treasure with Indy and geting nothing as opposed to the offer given to him by the russians. He was a two faced merc at the end of the day. And didnt want to lose out either way. he went with who ever had the upper hand. dont forget the film is now set in 1950s so things have moved along

The Russian woman wasnt a total villain in my opinion but more like that of belloq (french guy) in Raiders. Despite being a pawn for her country she was in it for herself too

you overlooked the Indy 'superhero' stuff LOL. But what about the other movies, he survived the jump out of the plane in a dinghy then hit a water fall there and survived...a mine car chase over lava rivers, I could go on...all over the top stuff but its fun stuff

Its what these movies are about, my 11 year old could tell you that.

Mutts named after a dog like Indiana, so was the kid Short Round In temple of doom, it an in joke thing....

I could bang on...

I enjoyed it as did my girls...

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