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Watch it a second time? did we watch the same movie?(just kidding, to each his own, right?)
I just think the movie isn't up to par, just like starwars the story seems to be very flat and/or shallow.(i'm wondering if this is because of all the cg involved in all the new lucas -movies)
And don't say the previous ones were mindless actionmovies too, because they weren't.
Those movies had solid storylines, finished endings, maybe not all the characters were completely developed, but enough to give the movie a certain richness to it.(they had layers, like onions--shrek ripp off--sorry had to do it).

I actually didn't mind there were aliens involved in the last indy <and i'm wellaware of the theories surrounding them and the development of mayan society>, because in my opinion it doesn't matter what the story is about as long as the story is told properly and to my great dissapointment they have failed misserably...( the mummy and national treasure are better told and they're Indy ripp off's basically).
The movie was basically rolling from one explosion into another with addler babbling something seemingly mysterious which only Indy seemed to understand(i know because he looked into the crystal skull eyes)

The only fun thing about the movie was the quicksandscene(with the snakerope) and only then the movie seemed to get the richness and wittyness of the previous installments.

again very lengthy --sorry guys---

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