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LOL Mastone...

yeah man its good shiiiii....

My Dad did sound effects. Ben Burtt the sound effects dude would visit my Dad at his office here in the UK at the Elstree studios, and run thru various bits and pieces. the person in charge of production there was a lady called Pat Carr who always got us the tickets and stuff for the work done on the movies. It was the same with the original Star Wars trilogy, Batman (Keaton ones) Muppet movies, Labyrinth, a couple of Bond movies(noteably Live and let die and Octopussy) thos are the only two I recall, also a lot of TV stuff, my dad was also under the sound editor Brian Hickin on Thunderbirds back in its day along with Captain Scarlet and Joe 90. I have actual footage here at home from Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. I used to watch the edits on the old movieolas (way before digital editing) during school holiday breaks. great fun. the best stuff has to be visiting the set of Empire Strikes back, seeing the full size falcon was just amazing....

Yeah Lucas and his team of mind controlling Ninja Death Squad are at large...beware!

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