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@ jay; Wow that's a great history you got there and now you continued your dad's company/studio?
Did you meet some stars back then(Indy perhaps)?

@steve;"Haha, I'm quite baffeled that you dont like it Mastone LOL!"

Ok now you're just playing me.
And then you rank it number 3 just to hurt me......very harsh there steve very harsh.....
But serious what part did you like the most;
-The part where Mutt greystoke king of the jungle catched up with the jeeps
-The parts where Dr Indiana Doolittle interacted with the animals(although he seemed a bit bias against snakes)
- maybe you like the part where the parents of ET blew up one of our mayan temples, just because we made their son come home to late some 20 years ago?
-The part where treebeard(lord of the rings) had a part as a tree which gentily let the overly smiling miss ravenwood(was she on drugs or something i thought she was the feisty-spelling-one of the girls)and co in to the river.
-the maneating scarabs oh sorry....ants i've mistaken indy 4 with the mummy, sorry.
I can go on forever but that would be like writing a very bad story after a 20 year gap in which you'd rely on things you've said and done in the past so you can feed the masses a pale dull story.....hmmm sounds a bit familiar...I wonder where i've seen/heard this story before.....oh i know it was last saturday...LOL
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