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Ha sweet, a kiwi! Yeah that's the Wellington branch of those rides. No-one really goes on it except when there's a big rugby game or event or the nightlife is active.

Anyway, the towers are floating over each other because they don't actually touch. There's bolt-fastened supports in between, but that's just one of the many smaller details that I'm going to add, then texture and rig.

Anyway, the question I'm asking is how to rig the elastic so that when the rope glides through the pully and pulls on the cords it is attached to and creates X amount of tension then releases, it will send the capsule seat into the air at a speed of roughly 130kmp/h.

I understand the rigging process and painting skin weights, but I'm not sure what kind of binding I'll need, how to adjust weight and speed, and some other basic things. Once I know those I'll be able to figure my own thing out, I just never got a chance to practice animation in Maya while I learning amongst teachers.

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