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Animation Battle

The First Animation Battle


The Animation Battle is an animation challenge where you are provided with a set up scene file that includes a free character rig, and key poses set at the start middle and end of the animation, your job is to fill in the blanks in between. You may also delete the set poses if you wish and create your own animation.

  • You may alter the timing of the animation by scaling ALL the keyframes. The middle must remain in the middle.
  • You may alter the length of the animation (currently set to 11 seconds).
  • You may alter the set poses provided with the scene file.
  • You may alter the action of the animation.
  • You may add objects to the scene to help your animation.
  • You MUST use the scene file provided.
  • You can submit animations in any format, be it render or playblast, you will be judged on animation quality only.


You may do anything you want to the character during the animation, the set poses are there to give you an indication of what could be going on.

You may also add other characters to the scene if your animation calls for it, but emphasis must be on the main, provided character.

The Files

.MB File -
.MA File -

If you would like to participate feel free to set up your own topic in this forum titled as such:

Your name - Animation Battle #1

The Deadline

Final submissions should be made by Midnight GMT - Tuesday the 26th of August.

The Prize

The winner, as either voted for or chosen, will receive a video critique of their animation, demonstrating what could be improved and the good bits about the animation.

Most Importantly have fun and animate

[Edit] I forgot to mention, the Keyframes are currently stepped, this for me makes it easier for blocking, if you would like to change that just go into the graph editor, select the Blok character set and set the keyframes to your preferred output.

Reply in here or PM me if you have questions, comment or suggestions

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