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Default The Swindler

Hey all, this is my the "so-far" of my current project. I'm making a whole scene, but at the moment I'm just working on getting this dude's face to work. I'm at the detail adding point before I do the eyes and start texturing, so I'd like to know what you guys think. Any suggestions on things to add or change or anything would be greatly appreciated.

This is my first start-to-finish Head (I created him from a mugshot-style drawn reference), and I tried to avoid all unnecessary geometry. This is nothing but quads. I'm also trying really hard to create a slightly assymetrical look, to make him look more human.

The final scene wil be this guy in a bowler hat, scarf, fingerless gloves and suit playing the shell game on an overturned box in front of a brick wall.

So, What's the damage?
The Swindler
Critty please? With sugar on top?
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