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I will be using two of them in conjunction. Sometimes you can't get away with not adding these things to the mesh. If you try to animate later on it won't work. Especially these long scars or the damage under the lip. You can't fake that with a bump map. At least, not well.

Anyway, I have had no luck with Zbrush at all. I know they're are tutorials and what not, but I just yesterday bought a 4000 dollar rig to work on, and am understandably broke as hell.

As far as the eyelids go, they're half open. I read somewhere that the best way to make a face for animating is with half open eyes, slack brows, slack jaw, closed mouth. I think it was in Peter Ratner's book on the subject. Also, I take it you have never looked to closely at the Irish. A lot of Irish men have eyelids like this, my dad for one. Especially those who have ever boxed for a while. The skin kind of sags in wierd places.

I'll keep my back up without this stuff and if it still looks awful to you guys when I've completed the colo, bump, and specular maps, then I'll re-do it. I'm mostly doing this as a technical study and to see what I get when I try specific things.
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