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Originally posted by mirek03
my dreams are shattered

yes, the good old days.., when men drank beer and hippies got high.., way before violence became..,'cool.'

as for working 100 hour weeks proving im an incredible CGI wiz.., then some lam advertising team telling me.., move the little finger a little to the left by ten minutes a go (on a 9 hour a frame render) .., well it might be fun and inspiring for some.., sounds a nightmare to me too.

give me a good script some time.., and a crew of 6 and ill give you a good movie.

what buildings did he build.., i love architecture.., i have a lo of books on buildings.., is he.., err.., post modern ??? LOL

He did homes (he made all of ours, mom put her bit in since she likes tons and tons of windows) and even did stuff for the hotels, hes had people from elsewhere tell him that he should move to Europe or the U.S because he could make a lot of money, he said he didn't want to leave the Caribbean, especially since we were so young, and so he never did. Then they split up, mom moved to the U.S and soon I followed but thats another story.
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