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make sure your glass has more than one width... i mean make the glass thicker than 1. so you have outer glass and inner glass. then stick on refractions in mental ray. 1.6 i think is the refractive index for glass (you should check) then put the number of refractions up to about 6. that should cover the outer glass (1) the inner glass (2) the surface of the liquid (3) the other surface of the liquid (4) the inner glass again (5) and the outer glass again (6).

i have had a drink tonight but that should sort you out i reckon.

btw, dont forget to put the colour to black and tranparencey up. the reflections down and then fiddle with the spec roll off etc etc.

hope that may have helped.

blinn btw...

actually i'll do a couple of revolves and see if i can make something quickly... 2 secs.