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Default Mitsubishi Evolution 8 MR

after the mustang i did well part of it by no means is it detailed lol nor extremely clean i decided to go for a evo ( came more noticeable i think in 2 fast 2 furious ) and ye i know they used a evo 7 but i really like the evo 8 specially the mr version.

im not gonna say this one is going to be extremly detailed but im goin to detail it as much as i can im still a beginer so lol i need help of the SM coms to advise give hints tips etc as one help can lead on to another help thats what its all about and of course having fun .

im going to try and build a site when i get back off holiday so december time for these things basicly a blog of what i do , i know posting a WIP every 2 week must be annoying people and im sorry but without comments n crits where would the drive be?

so heres what ive got so far i know theres a few mesh probs tryin to sort out why its peeling and im allso going to clean up the side mesh as its every where


WIP:Mitsibishi Evolution 8MR

FW: Mustang v6 2005
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