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Instance (Duplicate Special) issue


(Using Maya 2008)

I know this question has been answered before, but trying the sugestions, has not solved my problem yet, so I'll try to explain my view of the situation:

- I start by creating a Polygon cube with 2 Subdivisions in width, height and depht.
- In the frontview I delete the left side of the cube. (picture 1)
- In the Duplicate Special menu I duplicate the right side of the cube as an instance. (picture 2)
- I select the top 2 vertex points. (picture 3)
- And use the Scale Tool to scale down the top end of the cube. (picture 4)

Now the question is... I would like the cube to look like the one in picture 5, and I can do that by using the Move Tool twice, so is the instance behaving wrong or is this behaviour right? Is it an on/off button that I'm missing, something like Keep Faces Together?

Thank You

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