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Started playing with the fuselage.

I really wish Maya would come up with a decent surfacing tool AND polygon edge crease tool and thicken tool!

In modo all three of these are done so painlessly!

Corners are the real bugger in maya. Any attempt to tighten corners invariably leads to creases all over you model or in my case lumps and divots that I had to spend hours on and still don't have them all resolved.

A surfacing tool that actually works would also be nice. As far as I am concerned the sculpt geometry tool should be renamed the

"make any surface into a lumpy bumpy mess and destroy all your boundary edges tool"!

I have NEVER found a single use for the sculpt polygon tool accept to make a hilly land scape!

Anyway I put way too much time into this but here is the basic fuselage shape and the initial canopy detail.

I went for a fully smoother approach as I find trying to get smooth siloettes using edge smoothing to be almost impossible.
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