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UV mapping workflow and prep


I'm currently done working on a preliminary model of a house and I'd like to apply some basic texture w/ bump maps to have a sense of it would look like. I'm not too sure where to start, checked a few tuts on UV mapping but I'm not sure if my method of modeling sort of screw me over for the texturing. Basically, my model consists of 5 modified cubes in which I've inserted edge loops and extruded faces to create windows. In some case, where it would become a big mess of edges and small faces, I "detached" walls from the main shell. So now, my question is: if I want to apply a standard seam metal texture to the roofs, and a cement plaster texture to some walls, do I have to detach the roofs from the main shells? How should I go about this? Is my modeling method wrong? And finally, something weird happen on one of the roofs, can't really tell what...

Many thanks!

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