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Hello, this is the start of my project and demo reel. It is about Ned,(an old retired man going out to fish), and is set in the country side, where Ned meets a traveling sales man and buys a "magical worm" from what the guy said. So he continues on his way to the lake and startes to fish. Then there is a bunch of cut scenes that show the worm enticing the fish to bite. But there is one huge smart fish just watching. And at the end of the day ned takes the worm of the hook(fogeting that it is a magical worm) and throughts it in to the water. The huge smart fish then swims up and eats the worm. Cause he knew that Ned would throught the worm in at the end of the day, so he decided to wait.

This is just episode one, and there will hopefully be more. Here are some renders that I have taken. I am starting on the town that he will drive through in episodes to come along with #1. Please let me know what you think.

I am using Mental ray's Final Gather and one spot light to light this scene.

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