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Cut faces tool issue...


First, I'm using Maya 2009. Not sure if version matters, but you'll never know.

I think I discovered my first glitch.

When I am selecting a bunch of faces, and use the cut faces tool, it works the first cut, but doesn't thereafter. In my history list, it will say, "polycut1, polycut2, " etc, but it's obviously not cutting my faces as I'm looking at the polycount. It hasn't changed.

I created a box, and did the cut faces tool, and it works fine. I decided to close Maya and reopen again. I deleted all history. I still had the same issue.

The odd thing is, if I select the faces that I want to cut, it will cut the first time. Then if I unselect the faces, then select the faces that I want to cut again...the cut faces tool works first time, and thereafter.

Is this a weird thing? It only does on this specific model, not any newly created polygons or new file.

I didn't change any settings or anything of the sort.
I have a feeling that it's just a little glitch, but what happens if it keeps happening?