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Originally posted by lillsnopp
You can actually do do anything if you put the energy into it. Characters, Houses etc but you need to use the, the thingy I forgot the name on, and load up a 'texture' or something to 'follow' for the.. erh.. Thingy.. And there you go.

Argh, the thingy you know, you load up for the mountainrange the FORMS the thingy they follow, anyway you load up something else to follow, lets say, a Dog and if its correctly done you get a rendered dog, but this demands a bit off skill which I certainly never had in Bryce.

The grey-scale height map thing for mountains? Yeah, one can use it to "sculpt" organic things such as characters, but it takes lots of time and effort. I can't remember, but I don't think it had a 3D view and the working space was small.

One can import a pic but I think that limited the options since Bryce's grayscale was 16-bit and most paint apps were 8, so the mesh wouldn't be smooth or deep enough... I can't remember, too long ago.

Anyways, I recall most people used booleans, rotating primitives and that to get the desired shape. One person had a robot I think. It was pretty good. If he didn't say he modelling it in Bryce I wouldn't have realized from a quick look.

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