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well, i don't want to kick dango's frail ass too hard and break it :p (i'm joking dango!)
the others i'm sure they can stand up to a bit of an ass kicking :p
we'll see what we can all pull out!

btw, i just realised this while i was out hearing my friends sing loudly in kareoke, but it might be a bit unfair if i don't specify the start time

so, start at 1pm 1st august NZ time, which is 2am 1st august uk time (i think) (you guys are an hour forward from day light saving right?), not sure where you are in kuj4k, i'll assume you can work it out from there!

end time will be 1pm 3rd august

well.. effectively i've a day and a half to do something! guess what i'm doing saturday night after pool :p

that's a "Ch" pronounced as a "K"

Computer skills I should have:
Objective C, C#, Java, MEL. Python, C++, XML, JavaScript, XSLT, HTML, SQL, CSS, FXScript, Clips, SOAR, ActionScript, OpenGL, DirectX
Maya, XSI, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Motion, Illustrator, Flash, Swift3D
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