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Default Fatal Error

I have a Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family graphics card and after 3 month of having the fatal error problem with maya at boot I finally out it was the graphics card. After trying multiple os's it worked all up until i found the last few drivers for the computer.

I began disabling them one by one and found out it was the graphics card. A work around for this problem is when you want to use maya go to your device manager and disable your graphics card driver and maya should work fine. If anything you could do this method just to see if it is the graphics card.

Can someone tell me if disabling the graphics card effects renders?

Anyways I'ma look into the problem a bit more, maybe someone found something on it recently. I spent weeks a few months ago online searching for a solution, but found nothing so this little workaround I came up with might be useful to quite a few people.
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