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The staff looks like a nice start and i don't think you have a lot of experience in creating 3d (correct me if i am wrong), so maybe i could give you some pointers and refrain from critique user added image

I found that harsh transitions in a model in the geometry itself or in texturingaspects result in onrealistic renders.

The knob and the base of the staff are to harshly divided try to blend in thediverse materials i have included a roughpaintover which for one illustrate my bad drawing skills -yes even with a wacom-, but if you use a bit of imagination you will see that i tried painting it as if the staffbase is holding the crystal/gem or whatever you want to call it;
here is a link to an image of a species of tree that is very common here in the netherlands;
If you want to incorporate the white thing aswell make sure it comes back on another part of the staff asweel maybe at the bottom.

The last thing look at photoreference when creating stuff, if you are making a wizardstaff of wood, then the wizard is most likely to be found in some english or norwegion forrest talking to birds and stuff like that so his staff would be naturlike aswell , that has to get back in the model to set it apart from just another staff.

good luck

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