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"Just one thing though... I'm nearing 30"

- hahaha I am sorry i assumed that you were a kid because you were making a staff based on a comic or whatever dragonlance is, ah well if you are younger than 28 I can still call you kid LOL :p

"EDIT: Oh dear... The PLE cannot open it. But the photo you posted still gave me a lot of ideas. I dare say that that's the best staff of magius I've seen yet on the web."

I have included a obj in a zip file but the PLE won't be able to open that one either I'm affraid.

You could always download a 30 day trial of the new Maya,
or can either buy a license or get one through "other means", which i disapprove ofcourse.

Here's a servicepack voor maya 2009, I am not sure if this one can be activated for a trial period though but at least then you have the software already;

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