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Scale components along an axis?!?!?!

Why does Maya not have a scale along axis option???????

It has a move along axis option, but when I want to scale along an axis I have to:

1. make a cube
2. pain painstakingly align a face of the cube along the edge I want to scale along
3. make the cube the parent of the object I want to scale the verts in.
4. freeze the transform of the object I need to scale verts
5. unparent the cube and the object
6. delete the cube
7. and 20 fricking minutes later and now I can scale the god damn verts along the axis I want!!!!

There has to be a better way!!! I can't stand sitting there and try to manually scale verts in three fricking axis while they go all skewed and wonky because I just can't pick the axis I want to scale along!

The other option of course to the move the entire object until the verts I want to scale are lined up with a global axis, then freeze transforms, then scale, then realign the entire object to where is needs to go again. This is still a retarded workflow. I spend 10 minutes of my time aligning the object to get the verts aligned to the axis I want to scale on, then 2 seconds to make the adjustment, then 10 minutes getting the god damn part back aligned again!

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