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Default Winter Challenge - Simply Avatar

Hey All

Welcome to the first Simply Challenge of 2010. I've been let loose on here to kick this one off whilst Uncle Mike Mckinley takes a well earned break.

So here at Simply we decided that this challenge should be of a current topic based on James Camerons latest Scifi epic, AVATAR.

Now for this challenge you will be asked to create an AVATAR of yourself based on the Na'vi characters from the movie. If you look at the faces of the characters they are a mix of the Na'vi Race and a human being. So you are going to have to pay attention on this and study your own features, mainly the lower half of the face. The Upper half will of course be like that of the movie characters.

Okay so a few rules before we start.

1. A base mesh will be supplied in OBJ format for you to use, so you dont have to worry about starting from scratch, you can jump straight in. You'll have to make your own eyes though

2. You can use any software you want, including mudbox or Zbrush.

3. Texturing, Yes if you want. We'll be looking for the best Avatar-a-like at the end of the day but if you want to go the full distance, we'll take your efforts into consideration as well.

4. Your threads must be called Simply Avatar: Your Name

5. Before starting modelling you must post images of yourself so we can see what you look like and please keep posting them along the way side by side with the in progress model.

6. I'm not worried about the hair, but again if you want you can.

7. Have fun and do your damdest.

8. Deadline is now 15th MARCH

Theres lots of references around the web of Avatar so grab those too and use them.

any probs mail me on this thread, I'll answer asap.


1st Prize

Theres a First Prize on this of 100pts from Simply. So make it good

2nd and 3rd Prizes
Crew T-shirt from VFX house Cinesite London for 2nd and 3rd runner ups. It has all the cool movies we are working on at the moment and will begin working on.

Here the link for the base head for you to download.

Ladies and Gents start your modelling.

best of luck
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