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3d cross eyed stereogram pictures

So I've been fooling around with the 3d effect, using just my digital camera, I don't have a two camera setup. I've made a few 3d images just testing and fooling around with it and I think they came out pretty good.

This does not need a special pair of glasses to view, just cross your eyes.

Cross your eyes until you see a 3rd picture in the middle
Once you have the two pictures overlapping to make the 3rd practice on focusing on that middle picture
It takes some practice if you can't get it at first try moving further or closer to make it easier to focus on that middle picture

After about a week of looking at these pictures and looking up how to do them I can view them on command without even thinking about it. Youtube has videos on it, and if you type 3d cross eye in google you can come across hundreds of pictures. Doing it this way actually bothers my eyes a lot less than the red and blue glasses.

Here's some of the pictures I have done lastnight and today so far. Will be working on more and I will post more as I get them. Hope you can see these properly, enjoy!

here's a link to my deviantart gallery where I just posted them, figured I'd just give you the link instead of reposting all the pictures in here:

That's what I've got, will try to do some outdoors ones of trees and cars and so on soon enough. With one camera objects need to be very still so I can get them. It's not easy, but I'm working on some kind of rig so I can do video in 3d with the same effect.

Anyone else ever experiment with this effect? I know they make lenses for cameras (3d lens in a cap for about $150) but I don't want to have to spend that kind of money. Plus they don't make them for the cameras I have.

EDIT: I should let you know how I did this incase you want to try for yourself. Hold the camera steady, put all your weight on your right foot center the object take a picture. Put all your weight on your left foot, center the object take a picture. The difference between the pictures is not overwhelming but you will see a difference. It's about a 2.5-3 inch movement (about the distance of eyes from each other) which allows for the 3d effect to happen. Download a program called stereophoto maker (free program): import the two pictures. I use the auto crop which fixes some of the imperfections. You can set it up to do side by side or the glasses however you want. You can save out the image. The guitar picture I did was edited in photoshop before I found this free program.

Have fun and enjoy.

- Mike