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Chirone - Primitives

ok here we go... 4 attempts at this...

Attempt 1
person supposed to be on a beach at sunset but i couldn't get the sun to look great so i made him training by moonlight

lots of light linking
29 primitives

user added image

user added image

Attempt 2
wallE and EVE when they first met and she shot at him
the little soccor balls are rocks because she just blew up a rock...

50 primitives, could be less since there are some that aren't showing on the other side of wallE

user added image

user added image

Attempt 3
someone bursting in through double doors into a darkened room
was meant to be like the scene where aragorn walks into some room in lord of the rings...
don't think i did it too well though...

37 primitives
user added image

user added image

Attempt 4
final attempt.. probably keep this as the entry picture

someone sitting on a rock at night playing the flute next to a camp fire

36 primitives and a lot of light linking
user added image

user added image

who says 50 primitives isn't enough..? :p

that's a "Ch" pronounced as a "K"

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