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thx!!! i'm downloading the new one too
This wont be easy to learn

Originally posted by Perfecto
Not the greatest but this might help some.

If you have newer version of Maya, then you won't be able to right click a layer and choose preset. Instead, you will right click a layer and choose attribute. Then once the layer's attributes are open, you will see a presets button in the upper right corner. Right click the presets button and then you will see occlusion, etc.

Sometimes I create a separate render layer for each pass. But most of the time I put objects a,b,c... on a render layer and then add all my passes to that layer. That way I can create another layer for objects d,e,f... and create passes for that layer. It's more complicated so I won't go into it. Just know that render layers are different than render passes and the video I posted is using render layers themselves as the passes.

Display Layers = Layers that determine which objects are displayable.
Render Layers = Layers that determine which objects are renderable.
Render Passes = How are the renderable objects going to be rendered
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